Why start therapy?

Therapy is a powerful tool that can be used throughout life. Common reasons to begin counseling include: support during a difficult time such as a loss, trauma, or life change; help when symptoms of depression or anxiety become less manageable; assistance sorting through relationship difficulties; and personal growth and development.

Our approach

At Evolve Counseling & Wellness we know that life has a lot of ups and downs. Through therapeutic services at EC&W you can gain support during a difficult time and work to decrease unwanted symptoms of anxiety or depression.
At your first appointment our first goal is to create a space in which you feel comfortable. We feel honored to be able to learn about you and your life. We know it can feel strange at first to meet a therapist and to be asked to talk about all aspects of you. But, we will work at a pace that feels right to you. We will work together and address your reasons for starting therapy.

At ECW we believe that life can be difficult and bring great challenge. Through working with your therapist, you can gain support, understanding, and healing.