Each Step Takes Us in a Specific Direction: Are your feet on autopilot or are they intentional?

Have you ever wondered how time passed so quickly? Wait, I’m 40? It feels like I was 21 just the other day! It’s strange how each day can be filled with so many things and yet big chunks of time are gone before we know it.

Each day has it’s own set of to dos: work deadlines, grocery shopping, social engagements, etc. What’s hard to be mindful of is that those things that fill our days, those days that fill our weeks, those weeks that fill our years are actually our lives.

When the days are filled with so many to dos, it can be extremely hard to take a step back and see the big picture. If you are on a treacherous hike up a mountain side, you are likely paying close attention to the rock underfoot. This vigilance to the details of the surface are obviously essential to your survival. But, what about pausing for a moment and looking at your surroundings?

Constantly playing catch-up, running from one place to the next, putting out fires can pull our attention from what we truly want. Take stock of your days. Are you spending time doing the things that are important to you? Start small. We don’t necessarily have the luxury of quitting our jobs to pursue our passion eight hours a day, five days a week. But, it’s usually possible to spend 10 minutes a day.

What are you passionate about? What do you want to accomplish? When we have big tasks in front of us, it’s often daunting. How is spending 10 minutes going to make any difference? Well, it’s 10 minutes closer on the path toward your goal than you were before. Anything anyone ever accomplished started with 10 minutes.

Look up and see if you like the route your feet are taking you. If you do, that’s wonderful reassurance. If you don’t, you can alter your path with just one step in a different direction. For even when you are running, you are taking one step at a time. And remember who operates your feet.

You can’t control what happens on the road, but you are in charge of your direction.